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Using Vikings Blade Surfactant Shaving Creams

The following guide was written by Vikings Blade
Copyright (2017) All rights reserved


Although our vintage surfactant creams are constantly in the rotation of thousands of American customers, there are still a minority of confused ones who wrote 1-star reviews such as:

This cream produces no lather!
The lather disappears/evaporates so quickly!

    Apologies, gentlemen! I have mentioned this at least 3 times in the description and email instructions, but I guess I need to repeat myself again here...

    This is NOT a lather cream.

    Vikings Blade creams are surfactant based. 
    They are NOT supposed to generate a lather.


    Half a teaspoon of cream
    A shaving mug or bowl
    A very wet shaving brush


      1. Whip the cream until it turns into a temporary foam.
      2. Apply this foam on your facial hair area.
      3. The foam will soon evaporate and turn into an extremely slick and protective lubricant layer.
      4. This layer will supercharge your shaves to a whole new level.


    We are not a fan of the popular "Santa beard" lather. You don't get to see much of the hair underneath that lather.

    Surfactant based shaving creams were extremely popular many decades ago before the commercialised Santa beard lather started spreading itself on TVs and magazines.

    This is our attempt at bringing the good old formula back. No lather, no fluff. Purely functional.