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Using a Vikings Blade razor

The following guide was written by Vikings Blade
Copyright (2017) All rights reserved

If this is your first time using a safety razor, please take note that the techniques are completely different from those of disposable cartridge razors.
To avoid nicks, cuts, bleeding, irritation, you must remember these important rules:
  1. No slicing or side-to-side motion
  2. No pressing, no dragging and pulling
Failure to do so will almost guarantee to cause bleeding or irritation.
Apply very minimal pressure:
  1. Let the weight of the razor head glide on your hair
  2. In multiple short strokes
  3. At an angle of 30 degrees
Stretch the skin on the neck or cheeks with your free hand while shaving those areas.
Run the razor head under water after every major pass to remove clogged up hair.