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Reset the Crusader baseplate & knob

Sometimes, you may experience these issues:

  1. The baseplate is tilted
  2. The adjustment dial becomes loose and does not move the baseplate

These phenomena are not defects and can be reset easily. It occasionally happens to all spring load adjustable razors including the legendary Gillette Slim Adjustable - when the user forgets to set the baseplate to maximum aggression and then open the butterfly doors.

The instruction leaflet says only open the butterfly doors when the aggression is set to max. Perhaps you may have missed that part.

Not a big issue! This can be reset easily.

First, turn the adjustment knob so that the knob is at the lowest position (maximum aggresion).

Then, reset the baseplate as instructed in the below video:

Baseplate will now drop back to where it should be.

Then you can now turn the adjustment knob back as usual :)

If it doesn’t work, try reset the baseplate again a couple of times. This is something that all springload adjustable razors will experience- but it’s an extremely easy fix.