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The Vikings Blade Story

From 1985 to 2015, our family business was just an underground workshop under the moniker Julian Vüe. We ghost-created many high-end, testosterone filled shaving products for some very well-known brands (under NDA contracts).

In 2015, we were approached by the kind folks at Vullion Group (a local consulting firm in Victoria, Australia) who subsequently acquired a major stake in our business and helped us create an online presence. Since then we have begun selling directly to the public under the brand name Vikings Blade.

Beside our workshop in Australia, we also partner up with a few factories in Asia to create products based on our exclusive design and proprietary specs. We employ Australian supervisors and QC staff in Asia to ensure an enjoyable working environment which results the tightest error margin.

Many of our products have stood the test of time such as the legendary Chieftain butterfly safety razor, or the Godfather traditional 3-piece safety razor that you can easily find on Amazon.

At Vikings Blade, we are not aiming to revolutionize any industry like what many younger companies are trying to achieve nowadays. Instead, we are just trying to revive the traditional wet shaving tools that our grandfathers used in the past, with good old fashion customer service where you get to speak to the factory owner directly.

Buying from us, the only thing you will receive is a no BS, 100% Pure Raw Manliness experience.


Robert Vüe
4th Chieftain