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Underground workshop under the moniker Julian Vue
Ghost manufactured for other brands under NDA  


Consulted by a local marketing firm to go online
Expanded partnership with many factories in Australia, Pakistan, China, Germany


Went online as Julian Vue and Vikings Blade
The original Chieftain was prototyped and released


The Chieftain achieved Amazon Bestseller
Released The Godfather, Dark Stallion, White Knight 
Released Surfactant shave creams


Change of ownership to Vullion Group
Goodbye grandpa Julian Vue
Released The Chairman bowl
Released The Admiral stand
Released Black Forest preshaves
Released Forest Frost aftershave
At Vikings Blade, we are not aiming to revolutionize any industry like what many younger companies are trying to achieve nowadays. Instead, we are just trying to revive the traditional wet shaving tools that our grandfathers used in the past, with good old fashion customer service where you get to speak to the factory owner directly.
Buying from us, the only thing you will receive is a no BS, 100% Pure Raw Manliness experience.