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Courtesy of Mark Szorady @ The Shave Stop

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My new razor as a female.. Goodbye expensive blades!!

I love this razor! It make my legs so smooth. After search and reading a ton of reviews I am very happy I stumbled across this safety razor. It is very well made and is so light in my hand. I am a female and do use this on my legs, arm pits and bikini area and love how smooth everything comes out. It also has helped with my in grown hairs which is really nice.

" Cher1217 "

A Great Razor! A Great Starting Point!

The Godfather by Vikings Blade is a very precise three-piece razor. The handle is wonderfully sleek with the right amount of horizontal gripping built into it. It really is easy to hold and maneuver. The two piece razor head has a nice solid build. This is a low-profile razor head with a mild to near aggressive shave. The razor head's low profile allows you to get into those tight areas such as up under the nose near the nostrils. As the literature that comes with the razor explains, the included blades are neutral. A more aggressive blade is needed to really turn the shave up a notch.

" Mark "

Good Brush with Good Results!

For years I used a disposable razor, but after years of the cost of cartridges I wanted something less expensive. That's when I went to using a straight razor and the one I went with was VIKINGS BLADE Double Edge Safety Razor. In researching safety razors I learned it was recommended to get a brush with it but never really saw the need. Why spend money on something to apply shaving cream when I could just as easily do it with my hand? When I was offered the opportunity to test this brush I figured I had nothing to lose.

" Marc B "

Never let me down !

I started off with the original Vikings safety razor months and months ago and I absolutely LOVED how easy it is to change blades with it. You literally just twist the handle. This one is more traditional (which is not a bad thing). There are two peices on top of the razor that hold the blade, both unscrew by hand to install and remove blades and to clean the razor. I never used a safety razor up until about 6-8 months ago and I was kind of skeptical, but I don't think I'm ever going back to electric or disposable after vikings blades and razors. This safety razor is so well balanced when I picked it up and shaved the first time it just feels like it is perfect overall weight and size and everything I don't even know how to explain but it's great. When I ordered the original vikings safety razor, they emailed me letting me know I could potentially try out new products in the future for free. They kept their word months later. Actually he emailed me saying when he gets to the states he is taking us all out for a beer! Overall vikings safety razors are fabulous. I was sent a sample of this razor to try, my review is unbiased and previously i was a happy full price paying customer. Enjoy the blade, join the Vikings.

" Stephen "

Great product at a great price!

When a man decides to kick the turbomachcincosonic 58 blade drug store razor in favor of a more classic wet shave set up, he's deciding to make a stand. He's deciding to take shaving from the modern chore back to a contemplative time of relaxation and meditation. With that in mind when moving from the drug store special to a luxury shaving set up one of the first purchases behind a good razor should be a solid brush. And this brush definitely fills that void. The real badger hair is soft and blossoms with ease during application from the first use out of the packaging. The hair retains water extremely well without becoming a soggy mess. I use a puck of soap in a mug and loading the brush was effortless. The design of the handle is contoured well and with the heft seats well in the hand. I received this item on a Saturday and I'm writing this review on a Wednesday, I gave it four shaves so I could give an accurate impression after break in and I have to say the break in time was almost non existent. I encountered no stray hairs falling out which is normal for a new brush and the only thing I didn't really care for was a wet animal smell for the first few shaves. However as these are made from real animal hair this was expected and not an uncommon trait of any new badger or boar brush. The final note I'd like to make is the price point. I have a couple of higher priced brushes I've acquired and I'd use this brush right up there with them any time and this one comes in at least half the price or less than the others. With that being said I guess this is a good time to point out that I received this item from the manufacturer as a review item. There was no condition of a positive review and honestly if I didn't like the product I wouldn't hesitate to say it. This is the second Vikings Blade product I have added to my shaving gear (the first is the Vikings Blade DE Razor)and I have to say, their stated goal is to provide luxury shaving items at a price anyone can enjoy and both of these products don't disappoint. I will likely purchase a few of these brushes out of pocket to give as gifts to friends and family. If you're looking for a nice and affordable shave brush you can't go wrong with Vikings Blade!

" Michael Crites "