Developing a pre-shave routine

  1. Consider showering before you start shaving. Showering before shaving is an important step that many casual shavers forget but only some can get away with. Showering moisturizes and softens your beard, making the shaving process afterward easier, and producing fewer nicks and cuts.
  2. Wash your face with warm water and facial soap or scrub. Over time, your face accumulates dead skin. Removing that layer of dead skin on your epidermis by washing before you take razor to skin often, if not always, results in a better shave. Scrubs, which contain small abrasives, do a particularly good job of sloughing off dead skin.
    • Many men use glycerin soap before shaving to contribute to a better shave. Glycerine soap does a good job of both removing dead skin and smoothing out the skin without robbing it entirely of moisture.

  3. Work in a small amount of pre-shave cream into your beard. A small dab of pre-shave cream (often containing the aforementioned glycerin) softens the beard while prepping the surface of the skin for repeated contact with a blade.
    • Some men prefer to work baby lotion into their beards pre-shave. The baby lotion may helps reduce irritation by providing a smooth surface for the razor to glide over.

  4. Draw some warm water in your sink for your shave. Warm water feels especially nice on the skin. It also does a good job of clearing away stubble and gunk from between your DE razor when you clean it in between passes.
  5. Lather up your shaving cream and apply it over your entire beard, making sure not to wash away any pre-shave cream. The casual shaver probably relies on shaving cream out of a can, as it’s quick, cost-effective, and easy. This is perfectly acceptable. A new breed of men, however, are rediscovering the pleasure of lathering up shaving soap themselves with a badger-hair brush and a bit of warm water.
    • Start with a little dab of shaving soap, a wet shaving brush, and a shaving mug. Start working the shaving soap around in circular motions using your brush. Apply small amounts of water as necessary.
    • Mix your shaving soap vigorously for anywhere from 30 seconds to one and a half minutes, until the soap has been whipped up into an opalescent lather.
    • Take the lathered shaving soap and work it into your beard with your brush. Use a gentle circular pattern to do this. Using a brush to apply the lather to your face further softens your beard and ensures that the lather has penetrated every available portion of your face. When the lather is all worked into your beard, smooth it out with a few strokes of your brush

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