The story started in 1922.

This is no rags to riches story. There is no glorified hero, no genius visionary, no mission to revolutionize any industry.

This is just a boring story of how Vikings Blade was originally formed and how it became the company it is today.

My name is Robert Vü. I am the fourth generation owner of this family business – Vikings Blade, a Swedish themed and Australian based boutique company specialising in manufacturing high-end, testosterone filled, manly shaving products which have stood the test of time such as the legendary Chieftain butterfly safety razor, or the Godfather traditional 3-piece safety razor that you can easily find on Amazon. (Yes, we also have a bunch of copycats from China who illegally duplicated our moulds and manufactured same-same-but-different razors with inferior materials and subpar quality control, but that’s another story.)

Almost a century ago, my grandfather – a man of unlimited creativity and innovation discovered and formulated hundreds of types of shaving creams and soaps. And that was the original business. It was just shaving creams and soaps.

The business came to an end thanks to the war and after the old man passed away, no one in the family chose to continue his legacy.

Vikings Blade was re-born in 1985. That was when my father became inspired to restore the spirit of my grandfather. Realizing that he was no genius in making shaving creams, with the helped of his wife and children my father ventured into a completely new line of products: safety razors and shaving brushes.

Originally we designed, patented and contracted overseas factories to manufacture high-end shaving products for other bigger brands (OEM).

3 decades later, when the Internet and ecommerce has become the everyday thing, we launched our own in-house brand Vikings Blade on Amazon exclusively. Response was great. Feedback was excellent. We decided to buy a major stake in a manufacturing company to ensure superior QC and customer satisfaction.

At Vikings Blade, we are not aiming to revolutionize any industry like what many younger companies are trying to achieve nowadays. I am too old for that. Instead, we are just trying to revive the traditional wet shaving tools that our grandfathers used in the past, with good old fashion customer service where you get to speak to the factory owner directly. There is no middleman, no bullshit outsourced customer service staff who has no idea how to mould and forge hot metals.

At Vikings Blade, the only thing you will receive is a 100% Pure Raw Manliness, no BS experience.

Robert Vü
4th Generation Chieftain 

Vikings Blade